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Ciel Voilé

Chemtrails the secret war

21 Décembre 2014, 11:15am

Publié par Ciel Voilé



This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let's stand up and defend our rights ! " Antonio and Rosario Marciano


Antonio and Rosario Marciano administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY produced the film : “ Chemtrails the secret war ”. This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails. It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still going on !

This documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

In September 2014, Jacques Daidié, a French activist, went to Italy and met Antonio and Rosario Marciano, well-known Italian activists against geo-engineering. The French translation is born from this meeting and has been realized by several members of the French association “Ciel voilé”, (www.cielvoile.fr). We thank him warmly and all those who have contributed to the translation: Jacques, Dominique from Avignon, Mary from Monteux, Sebastien from St Firmin in Valgaudemard and Danielle from Gap.

All our gratitude to “Sky Watch Geneva”, on Facebook, for the English translation.




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Your flim is Perfect its very true about everything you have said,It was the best film I have seen forever! <br /> You deserve a Noble Prize for your work,<br /> I have been studing Chemtrails for about 12yrs here in Arizona USA Everybody laughed at me,, I can see it many times I notice plants dry up after the trails see in plants animals and my self when the trails make problems many,many problems, with babys born with heart defects,Also my breathing,<br /> Keep up the good work Thank You very very much <br /> also the Globle warming ! wont we freeze before we have warming?<br /> Again Your team did a perfect job Everything you said is soo True<br /> thank You <br /> Sincerely ,Rose Lang